The Best Love Story

Love Stories from The Left Bank
In honour of all things love and valentine, we were looking for the best LOVE STORY at The Left Bank ❤️
We ran a competition on Facebook, to find some great stories from people whose dating life or relationship have a special connection to us. We loved reading everyone’s comments and all the love that was sparked by people meeting at The Left Bank.

One of our favourite stories, and the one that won our Valentine’s Day price of a $250 bar card, was from Megan C. Her story went like this:

My Love Affair with The Leftbank
by Megan C.
My love affair with The Leftbank started looong before I was even born, who knew that when my Great Great Grandfather, Thomas William Whiteley built The Leftbank back in 1899 that it would become such an important place and part in my life and love story.
Fast forward to October 2009 (for those who are not good at maths that’s 110 year later!)
A regular attending Sunday Sesh loving girl would finally meet her Prince Charming.
It only seemed appropriate that 4 years later (yep he took that long🤣), we got married at the same place we had met. Surprising our family and friends who thought we had already tied the knot.
Another 8 plus years have passed since our wedding and we now have 2 children who we bring here and tell them this is where Mummy and Daddy met.
And not only is The Leftbank the place where our love story began but for me growing up my whole life here really.. family lunches or dinners, catch ups with friends, the most memorable Sunday session’s and of course The BEST Christmas Eve parties ever!
The Leftbank will always have a special place in my heart❤️

Some of the other great stories also included meetings at our famous Sunday Sessions over 20 years ago, a Tinder Date at our Mexicana party and more..

The Left Bank is an old and iconic venue and it’s an honour to influence and be part of so many people’s lives and their milestones.
We wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day with their loved one

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