Discover the new Winter menu!

The Left Bank - Winter Menu 2021
We’re excited to have launched a new Winter menu – with lots of great new dishes that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. There are some new additions from the grill, new vegan/vegetarian and gluten free dishes, new pizzas and more.
Below are some of the highlights of the new food menu to make your mouth water!
Taco of BBQ'd brisket
Taco of BBQ’d brisket with kale slaw and tomato salsa (gluten free)
The brisket in these has been slow cooked for up to 6 hours – so this is not your ordinary Old El Paso taco!
Winter Menu 2021 - Grilled Chicken Burger
Grilled Chicken Burger with Hot Smokey BBQ sauce, American red cheddar, lettuce, tomato, aioli, served with chips.
While our Steak Sandwich and Cheeseburger have remained the same, we have added a new chicken burger to the mix. The hot smokey BBQ sauce gives it just that right kick.
Winter Menu 2021 - Tasmanian Salmon
Grilled Tasmanian Skin On Salmon with a warm salad of polenta, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, basil and green salsa (gluten free)
Regular fish and chips (with your choice being beer battered or grilled) are still on the menu, but this salmon dish is something new and colourful for all seafood lovers.
Winter Menu 2021 - Portuguese Style Chicken
Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken is one of our favourite new dishes! Boneless half chicken with roasted sweet potato, Perinaise, artichokes, olives, tomatoes, basil
This chicken is not like your average Red Rooster or Nandos!
Winter Menu 2021 - Buckwheat Hemp Linguini
Our “from the garden” section also features two new vegan and gluten free dishes:
Buckwheat & hemp linguini with sautéed mushrooms, kale, truffle oil, pangrattato
Winter Menu 2021 - Zucchini Salad
Zucchini, quinoa & kale salad with green peas, toasted almonds and salsa verde dressing
Our menu features six pizzas, with some new additions:
Winter Menu 2021 - Chicken Pizza
Chicken, bacon & leek pizza with smoked mozzarella and green salsa
Winter Menu 2021 - Puttanesca Pizza
Artichoke puttanesca pizza with olives, capers, fresh basil and vegan mozzarella (vegan)
All pizzas can be cooked on a gluten free basis for a $4 surcharge.
If you prefer diary free cheese, then simply ask to swap for vegan Mozzarella cheese for free.
If you have sweet tooth, then we also have two dessert options for you.
Winter Menu 2021 - Sticky Date Pudding
Try our delicious homemade Sticky Date Pudding or our new Chocolate Brownie Affogato. Gooey chocolate brownie with Vanilla icecream and a shot of barista made espresso, accompanied by a shot of Amaretto or Frangelico if you’d like that extra kick.
Winter Menu 2021 - Chocolate Brownie Affogato
Our menu is available every day from 11am for lunch and dinner.
Prices and items are subject to change and availability. Details correct as of 1st June 2021.

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