Join The Left Bank XMAS EVE 2017 – the biggest and best Christmas Party in town!


We’re excited to announce our line up of local and international DJs for this years party – including SHOCKONE and Hook N Sling !
Plus: Ben Renna / DJ Double Dee / Philly Blunt / Selina Murby / Shann / Stone / DJ Tahni / Wildflower

It’s going to be an amazing day (like every year) with great tunes, cold drinks (ON TAP IN THE CAR PARK!!!) by Gage Roads Brewing Co and Somersby and more…

The first and second release of pre-sale tickets are sold out, but more tickets will be available at the door from midday!




  • Tickets will be available on the door from midday for $60. We recommend to come early.
    No, you cannot buy a ticket for a friend at the door as there are no physical tickets as such – you simply pay and enter the event.
  • The 1st and 2nd release of Pre-Sale tickets are SOLD OUT. There’s no third online release available.
  • Don’t be a sook for having missed out on tickets – it was a fair process. Just come early and get door tickets!
  • There’ll be 2 entrances available on Christmas Eve.
 From midday until 2pm pre-sale ticket holders are guaranteed priority entrance until 2pm.
  • Pre-Sale Ticket Holders are asked to use the entrance in front of the venue – you will need to arrive between 12pm and 2pm to have priority entrance. We recommend to come as early as possible to avoid being stuck in the queue when it gets busy.
  • The Ticket Box for Door Sales will be located on the entrance at Andrews Road
  • VIP Guestlist entrance will also be located on the entrance at Andrews Road (separate queue to General Public though).
  • Yes, a pre-sale ticket is still valid after 2pm – however, you will have to queue at the Main Entrance and entry to the event will then depend on capacity. You’re thefore not guaranteed to enter the event straight away if you arrive after 2pm, even if you have a pre-sale ticket.
  • Name of tickets cannot be changed!
  • The name of the ticket and ID don’t need to match. We’re focusing on whether the ticket is valid (no Scam or copied ticket) and whether you have your valid photo ID with you – meaning it’s okay if the ticket in your hand has your friends name on it.
  • The Left Bank does not take responsibility for lost or stolen tickets and does not take responsibility for tickets purchased second hand.
  • We do not support people scamming others and selling overpriced tickets – please note that we are able to cancel tickets, should we find individuals that are re-selling tickets at ridiculous prices.
  • Tickets need to be printed to be scanned at the entrance
  • For any questions/issues, please email our Marketing Manager Julia (julia@leftbank.com.au)

For all up to date information, head to the Facebook Event or make sure you sign up as a VIP member so you get all news straight to your inbox!


The Left Bank X-Mas Eve – the biggest and best Christmas Eve Party in the state! 

We’re excited to announce the line up for 2017 – but we also love looking back at all the legends who joined us in the past…

In 2016 we had the pleasure to party with Yolanda be cool,  Alex Dyson from triple j, Mind Electric, WasteLand, BOSTON SWITCH, Shann and Stone (St1), Mishtee and Stacie Todd, Dj Ben RennaJimiJ, DJ MARCEL, DJ Reuben Cameron and DTuck.

This brings back some good memories….


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