Top Five Reasons to host an Engagement Party!

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Your partner popped the question and you said ‘YES’ – so it’s time to pop some corks and for everyone to shout “CONGRATULATIONS!”

After jumping for joy and crying some happy tears, you’ve already told immediate family and friends, updated your Facebook status and shared a snap of your ring on the gram #ISaidYes – so what now?

Here are our five reasons why we think you should celebrate your engagement and host a function to share the news with family and friends.


1. It’s a special occasion

An engagement is one of those joyful milestones that brings a smile to everyone’s face. While the news has already been spread amongst family and friends, everyone will want to see and congratulate you (and check out that beautiful bling!). Being engaged and calling your better half a fiancé(e) is probably going to be a relatively short period in your life – so make the most of it and celebrate with everyone (before you dive deep into Pinterest and get caught up with all the wedding planning).


2. It’s an opportunity to connect with family

An engagement is a step towards two families merging and an occasion everyone wants to be involved in. This might be the time that you finally get to meet your partner’s Uncle Bob that lives out of town or re-unite with your cousin Jess that you haven’t seen in years. You rather get all those first meetings and awkward conversations over and done with – than have people at your wedding that you or your partner haven’t even met. Your engagement party will be a great occasion for you both to meet extended family and for both sides of the family to officially meet – BEFORE the big wedding day.


3. It’s a chance for your friends to bond

Attending a party where you don’t know anyone else can be nerve-wrecking and awkward – so don’t let your wedding be one of those parties. Hosting a function with all your mates will be a great opportunity for different friend groups to meet and mingle – maybe some of your single friends will finally get the chance to meet (which is less awkward than the double date that you were planning to organise), new friendships could be made on the dance floor or the ladies bathrooms (where we know deep and meaningful conversations usually happen after a few too many cocktails…). A great party will create great stories – so your future wedding guests will already have fun memories to look back at and laugh together.


4. It’s a first test of your organising skills

Unless you’re an event planner by profession, organising a wedding is a big task which will test your party planning skills. By hosting an engagement party, you get an impression of all the different elements that are needed to create a wonderful celebration – from booking your venue and choosing your menu (which we’ll help make easy for you), to budgeting, dealing with guests (and their requests!) and suppliers… However, remember this party is all about you and your partner – so there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your love.


5. Because you can!

The Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions/lockdowns meant that many couples had to cancel and postpone their weddings in 2020. However, right now we’re very lucky over here in WA and we can celebrate – we are able to see and hug our family and friends, we are allowed to go out to venues to eat and drink, we can have a party and dance. Life is short, so let’s do it – simply because we can!


Keen to get the party started?

Chat to our Functions Team and learn more about our function packages. Our River Bar and Mezzanine area are both perfect to host Engagement Parties – enjoy your private bar and bar staff, flexible food and beverage options and amazing views over the Swan River! Simply email or call (08) 9319 1136


The Left Bank is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes same-sex couples to celebrate their engagement.

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