Simply fill in the form below to join The Left Bank loyalty program for free.


How do I become a member?

Click on the JOIN NOW button on the membership page on our website to become a member. You’ll be asked to register your details and once completed, the screen will show a barcode - which is your digital membership card. We recommend to take a screenshot and save it in your phone. The digital membership card will also be emailed to you and you are able to add it to your Apple wallet or a free App like Stocard.

What’s the benefit of being a member? How does the membership work?

The Left Bank loyalty program works just like a frequent flyer program that rewards you for your loyalty! You earn points on every transaction and can redeem the points any time you like. The credit earned in points equals a discount of 10% on beverages and 5% on food.

Is there a fee to become a member?

No. The membership is free and everyone 18+ is welcome to join.

How do I register a physical membership card that I got given?

Head to the membership page on our website and use the MEMBER LOG IN section. Type in your card number and then again your card number as password (if this is the first time you’re logging in). Click Log In and the next screen should allow you to add/edit your contact details and check your points balance.

Some Internet browsers have high security settings and block cookies, which are required to load this page - so please check your browser settings if the page isn’t loading. If you have trouble registering, feel free to email with your card number and contact details (Full Name, E-Mail, Mobile, DOB) and we can complete the registration on your behalf.

I have issues logging in on the website.

Some browsers have high security settings, which can cause issues loading the page correctly. Make sure that cookies are enabled. If you continue to have trouble logging in to be able to check your points balance or update your details, please email

My sport club/school gave me a Left Bank membership card - what does this mean?

The Left Bank is a proud sponsor of various sport clubs, associations and schools in the local area through its sponsorship program. As a Left Bank member you earn points for all your purchases at The Left Bank and at the same time accrue the same amount of points for your organisation. So the more you spend at the venue, the more points both you and your club will earn. The club can redeem the points for gift cards or functions at The Left Bank. Since September 2020, clubs can issue digital membership cards to its members - making it even easier for everyone to sign up and support their club.

I signed up online, but didn’t receive an email.

Please check your Junk Mail folder. If you still cannot find the email and also didn’t save the barcode that was displayed on your web browser after the registration was completed, please email with your details.

What are member points worth? How do I find out my balance?

Your points balance is visible to staff members at the bar once your membership card is swiped or scanned - so please just ask. Alternatively, you can log in online and check your points balance. Please note that the online portal will show your points balance - not the dollar value of your points. 1 point equals $0.05

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points for any food or drinks purchases at the bar. Simply swipe or scan your membership card when ordering and ask a staff member to use a part or all of your points towards your purchase. Please note that all your details need to be registered, to be able to redeem points.

I lost my membership card. How do I get a new one?

> If you had a physical membership card thus far, we recommend swapping to a digital card. If you know your log in details, simply check your card number online and then save it as a digital membership card on your phone. Feel free to email and we can send you a digital version of your lost membership card. See further instructions for digital cards below.

> If you prefer to receive a new physical VIP card, please ask a staff member or manager for a replacement card the next time you visit the venue. Please note that we do not post replacement cards.

Do member points expire?

Member points expire if you do not visit the venue and use your membership card for 8 months. If you haven’t visited us in six months, you’ll receive a notice email from us to remind you to come to the venue again soon to avoid losing your points.

How do I update my details?

Head to The Left Bank membership page on our website and use the MEMBER LOG IN section to log in and update your details. If you have trouble accessing the page, email with your updated contact details.

I’m a member. How can I save the card on my phone?

Once you become a member, you will receive a Welcome E-Mail, which will include a link to add your membership card to your Apple Wallet.

Alternatively, we recommend using the Stocard to save your digital card on your phone.
• You can download the Stocard App for free on the App Store or on Google Play. Once completed, follow these steps to save your membership card:
• Open the App
• Click the + in the top right corner
• Click into the Search bar and then select Other card in the drop down menu
• Click ENTER MANUALLY to be able to enter the details (unless you have the barcode accessible on a separate screen, which allows you to simply load the barcode by holding your phone over it)
• Type in the card number of your card (10 digit number on the back of your physical membership card or 13 digit number for digital cards)
• Write The Left Bank in Store Name. Click SAVE
• The App will automatically create a barcode and save it as a digital card in your Stocard wallet.

You can also save a screenshot of the barcode when you sign up for a digital membership card and show that whenever you want to use the card.

Still have a question? Simply email and we’ll be in touch to help you answer your question!