Lefty Food Trucks – Autumn 2016

News/Lefty Food Trucks – Autumn 2016

17.06.2016 – We had some fun Food Truck Nights over the past months – but it’s time to take a break.

On the 16th March 2016, we launched our new Wednesday Night Project “Lefty Food Trucks”. We would invite three to four Food Truck into our adjacent car park, creating a great multicultural food offering each week. Customers were able to choose and pick from the different Vans and then sat down in our Beer Garden – where they could enjoy comfortable seating, match their meals with (alcoholic) drinks from our bars and enjoy live music from our Acoustic Artists.

Lefty Food Truck Night is fun for everyone – offering something for all taste buds! The Kids were slurping the fresh Spaghetti from The Pasta Truck, while Mum could enjoy hand made Dumplings from T Sisters Fresh Foods and Dad could be exotic and try Brazilian dishes from Comida do Sul..

We enjoyed a variety of different Food Trucks over the months and were only too sad when we had to stop it all. Perth Winter’s are simply too cold and wet these days to be sitting outside in the Beer Garden – however, we’re definitely planning to bring it all back once the temperatures rise again!

Stay tuned for more details to be announced in Spring 2016.

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